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Featured Blog

Featured Blog of September, 2011:
Skunkboy Creatures

This is a lovely blog by Katie. A mother of two who's full time job is creating completely handmade adorable stuffed creatures. She creates the pattern and hand sews the darlings herself.
Her blog shows creatures she is working on or has just finished. She blogs about homeschooling her daughter. She posts pictures of wonderful outfits she puts together for herself. Hosts a few giveaways, and invites guest bloggers for "Friday is for Friends".


Katie's story is inspirational to all artists and crafters out there. I am in love with her creations, they really touch my heart and I would love to own one, one day.
As an art educator, you could use this blog to show students an artist who has made a living off of her work. It is a good example that blogging can keep customers interested. The customer can start to feel that they are friends with the blogger, and understand the hardwork that goes into her creations.
Customers are more likely to purchase your work if they appriciate you as a person, a hardworking artist, and someone who is responsible. They will also feel more comfortable about spending their money on your product if they know you are a good person.


Featured Blog of July, 2011:
In the Fun Lane.
An amazing blog dedicated to the decoration of this home. I was amazed at how much I love it, since almost everything in the home is some shade of white. The couple does an amazing job at making sure it is not boring.
Click here (inthefunlane) to view the whole blog.